Our Mission

Origins’ mission is to nurture and develop students as problem-solvers and flexible thinkers, individuals who have mastered the process and motivation necessary to attain success through today’s constantly evolving educational expectations. The instructional philosophy of the school is based on the belief that to be prepared for success after high school, in college and in a career, students must learn how to set clear goals for a project, whether it’s an essay, a presentation, a business plan, or themselves, and see those goals through to completion through a process of inquiry and research-based work. They must also be comfortable presenting to an audience, working in collaboration with others, and reflecting on their work. To support and develop these skills, students will engage in project-based units of study, an interdisciplinary liberal arts curricula, technology assisted personalized learning experiences, arts integrated studies, and real-world internships, creating a portfolio of their work and growth over their four years of high school. As a culminating experience, students will publicly present and defend their work twice a year to panels of students, teachers, parents, and community members. Through the school’s personalized college and career goal-setting program, students learn how to create long-term goals and achieve them through immediate concrete actions and study. And as a result of our values of curiosity, creativity, reflection, empathy, and determination we not only develop intellectually active students, but nurture compassionate ones.

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